Saturday, April 2, 2016

Behold the glory of Peter Dinklage's 'SNL' space pants


Yes, Peter Dinklage's first Saturday Night Live hosting gig has had its fair share of Game of Thrones jokes - and a sketch all about Dinklage getting naked in the woods with Leslie Jones. (More on that when there's video available.)

But the weirdest sketch of the night so far - and the one that's causing the biggest stir on Twitter - has nothing to do with songs of ice and fire. Instead, it centers on a song of space and pants.

The general gist: A group of gangsters have gathered at a restaurant for a tense meeting. Every time things start getting serious, though, they're interrupted by the house entertainment: Dinklage in a weird blond Sia wig, singing a goofy, halting song about his pants. Read more...

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